The Truckee River Walk

The Truckee River Walk is an enjoyable way to spend the afternoon in Reno. Grab your bikes, take a stroll along it and enjoy beautiful weather while you’re at it. The water can be rough with its strong currents, but if that doesn’t bother you, then there’s kayaking as well, which will make this activity even more fun for those who are skilled enough to do so.

Situated at Arlington Avenue at Island Avenue, Wingfield Park, 89501 Reno, NV, the Truckee River Walk is Reno’s hot spot for family-friendly shopping, dining, and fun. It has something to offer every visitor – whether you’re looking forward or back. They say “to each his own” but we think our town offers some exceptional reasons why everyone should take a trip down from the mountains into this valley of opportunity.

This adventure offers visitors a variety of things to do. It includes restaurants, bars, and shops that are unique in Reno with locally owned businesses, so you can get some shopping done too. The Downtown District spanning the entire length between Arlington Avenue all the way down past Lake Street is typically called “the riverwalk.” There are over three dozen places here where people eat or drink their fill while enjoying views reminiscent from years ago when this was just farmland looking out onto an unlimited horizon line, but now they have galleries containing masterpieces worth examining closely if only so much more could be learned about either history itself or artistry depending upon who makes it.

The Truckee River Walk is a popular spot in Reno for all sorts of outdoor activities. From fishing to whitewater rafting, this area offers something exciting and new every day! The Northern end overlooks the beautiful Truckee, where few buildings still stand, such as Hughes Porter Building or Colonial Apartments, but you can see them from across town along First Street between Lake St (east) & Arlington St West).

This is an area of Reno that encompasses hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues. The park was built upon this island in the river where you can find it peaceful with its lovely views of nature. Since many years ago when there were bustling times due to the Comstock Lode gold rush as well as the divorce craze during those days, people had different types styles for living, but over time things changed, which made the downtown part very rundown looking, so residents started moving away from here leaving us little hope about future until 199os when city government proposed “The Redevelopment Plan” – now known today all over worldwide because everyone knows what has happened since then.

Reno-Tahoe makes the perfect destination for any adventure seeker. The Truckee River Walk provides a scenic, relaxing walk along its banks that will take you from downtown Reno all the way up past Carson City, where it joins with Lake Tahoe and forms one of Nevada’s most beautiful bodies of water. Whether your goal is relaxation or new experiences in this amazing region, they have something worth seeing on every street corner.

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