The Nevada Museum of Art

The Nevada Museum of Art, situated at 160 West Liberty Street, 89501 Reno, Nevada, is a fantastic place to spend an afternoon. From the Midwest’s history in American art, you’ll find pieces that capture what it was like before our country developed with more modern styles and ideas- so take your time examining them.

The Nevada Museum of Art (NMA) is an internationally recognized research center that supports the practice, study, and awareness for creative interactions between people with their natural built environments.

The Center for Art + Environment is a research center that supports the practice, study, and awareness of creative interactions between people with their natural environments. The Nevada Museum of Art houses this internationally recognized space in its library, where they have collections from over 1,000 artists who work on all seven continents.

The E.L. Cord Museum School at the museum offers a variety of classes for all skill levels, providing students the opportunity to continue their education in the arts or explore any creative interest they may have. Need-based scholarships and state-approved professional development hours are available as well, so it’s easy to see why people love this school.

The NMA is committed to inspiring every age group through various programs. Whether it be an in-person, virtual or hybrid experience, they have something for everyone.

The opportunity at this museum doesn’t stop with just adults as children are also able to learn and explore new ideas through artist talks & scholarly introductions while still being exposed to plenty of the arts that most kids won’t get out of a book but here you can touch them first hand without even leaving your house if desired. You’ll never run out on things either because there are always more events coming up, so keep looking online via

The Nevada Museum of Art was founded on the principles that art should be for everyone, and its mission remains unchanged. The museum offers meaningful experiences through its collections as well as other cultural activities like educational programs to promote interdisciplinary investigation in all forms.

The Nevada Museum of Art is also the only accredited art museum in all of Nevada. Since it was founded, this institution has been committed to continuous improvement and change. Becoming AAM-accredited makes them one more step closer towards becoming just as prestigious as other major museums across America like those found at Metropolitan or San Francisco’s modern art museum aficionados can dream about visiting now that they’ve earned their place on a list with such notable places for excellence among them curators who maintain collections large enough to inspire awe from visitors young old alike.

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