The Discovery at Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum

The Discovery at Terry Lee Wells Nevada is more than just a museum; it’s the home for informal science and maths learning. Through hands-on galleries with opportunities to explore various topics through exploration in every corner of The Discovery, you can be sure that your curiosity will be sparked. The Discovery has been an integral part of our community for over 9 years. With interactive exhibits and engaging programs like STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Math), we’re committed to inspiring curiosity in all ages.

Situated at 490 S. Center Street, 89501 Reno, NV area, The Discovery at Terry Lee Wells Nevada is a children’s museum that has quickly transformed into one of the world’s leading science centers. This transformation is driven by its desire as an organization to make a larger impact in this region, and it requires serving not just young kids but also adults who want more than what traditional museums offer them these days.

The Discovery truly is a place of learning where the public can come to learn about science and explore hands-on projects. This hub offers many educational opportunities for all ages, from toddlers in STEM programs to university students studying engineering or architecture.

The Discovery is a place where the adventures never end. It’s home to permanent collections and changing exhibits, from human anatomy all the way through green energy solutions in Nevada history. Visitors can explore 67k sq ft with their imagination while they indulge themselves in something new every time they visit.

This place features a playfully puzzling atmosphere and challenges visitors to think outside of the box, especially those with more experience solving complex problems. With just five clues hidden throughout each thematic room (or “room” for short), it’s up to you or your group members who can play their best. There are also plenty of opportunities in this playful maze as well such as collecting secret passwords from other Mindbender Society-wannabes by successfully completing select brainteasers within their own homespun puzzle rooms—wherever they may be found.

Reno is a beautiful city with plenty to offer. Among the best places in town for family-friendly activities and fun educational museums are the Discovery Museum.  Innovative exhibits will have your little ones engaged in science like never before while exploring visually stimulating displays that teach them about Reno’s history through interactive technology demonstrations or hands-on workshops where they can create their own art using recycled materials found around our facility – all without even leaving this building (it has tons of space).

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