The Animal Ark Sanctuary

In case you are looking for a quick scenic drive from Reno, NV, to visit the Animal Ark Sanctuary, then this is it! This 30-minute trip will bring your heart out of its cage as soon as we pass through verdant fields and lush forests. You can see all kinds of beautiful animals at our sanctuary: wolves roam free while red-tailed hawks soar overhead, ready to make their jet-speed deliveries back home if they’re spotted doing hunting duties; black bears lumber around eating whatever food was left outside its door by accident last night–whatever kind souls leave these provisions usually know what might be handy when camping with family members.

Every animal deserves a safe haven. That’s why Animal Ark provides sanctuary for all the injured, abandoned, and otherwise non-releasable. Their mission is to instigate environmental stewardship through educational programming that teaches children about ecological principles while they learn how their actions can protect native species or bring awareness towards global conservation issues like extinction rates with creatures from around North America such as predators – some who are even endangered themselves.

Situated at 1265 Deerlodge Road, 89508 Reno, NV, Animal Ark Sanctuary is an animal sanctuary that strives to build its enclosures with native trees and boulders. The animals are provided with activities throughout the day as well, such as feeding time for black bears, which stimulates gathering instincts in addition to scattered food items around enclosure grounds or when they participate in special events open only during certain times of the year.

At Animal Ark Sanctuary, they strive to provide safe housing for all their animals. They believe that wild creatures should be left in their natural habitats and not caged or collected from the environment as it is unethical to do so. Whether an animal needs help surviving on its own isn’t always clear-cut; however, they are still capable of representing what these majestic beings represent through scholarship programs about environmental stewardship, which teaches kids why going green matters.

The sanctuary aims to be environmentally friendly by using passive solar panels and wind generation for the majority of their energy needs. Water recycling policies are also in place, which helps them minimize water usage on each acre that they manage as well. Plans include developing a new entry plaza complex with extensive prairie enclosures, too – this will make it so much easier than ever before when you visit Animal Ark Sanctuary.

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