Dangers of Having Mold in Your Home

People think that having mold makes for an unsightly home. While this is true, there are serious issues at hand. Mold, especially black mold, is hazardous. It poses a great risk to your health. Because mold releases spores into the air, people who have asthma suffer from intense breathing difficulties. Depending on the intensity and extent of the mold, you are also at risk of suffering from migraines, allergies and skin reactions among other diseases. The other reason mold remediation in Reno NV is crucial is also because mold affects the structure of your home. It grows on gutters, walls and even the foundation. This compromises the structure of the home and makes it uninhabitable with time.

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Prevention of Mold Growth

We have worked as water damage experts for a while now. In our experience, it is best to prevent the formation of mold instead of waiting to remove it. One would think that because we offer mold removal Washoe County we would ignore this crucial fact, but we don’t. After any water damage, we provide immediate water damage services. We employ the right drying techniques to rid your home of water. We also follow through by measuring and consequently monitoring the moisture content, humidity as well as temperature in order to prevent mold formation.

Mold Removal Process

If you happen to already have mold in your home, then you need to focus on mold removal instead of preventative measures. The first thing you need to know about mold removal is that it isn’t entirely what it sounds like. No one can guarantee that they can completely rid your home of mold. This is because some spores are always in the air. They get into your home through the vents or even your clothes. However, our mold removal services focus on removing the visible mold in your home.

The process can be simplified into:

Give us a call about the mold problem
We come to inspect and assess the extent of mold in your home
We contain the visible mold
Air filtration is undertaken
Mold is remove from all the infested areas and items
The formerly infested area is cleaned

Safety Measures

We have been in mold removal in Reno NV for a long time. Our team of experts is trained and certified in the procedures required for mold removal. We are therefore keen on maintaining safety in your home during the process of removing the mold. We do this by:

  • Wearing masks and neoprene gloves to protect ourselves from coming into contact with the mold
  • Lay out plastic sheeting in the infested areas to ensure that the mold or spores don’t spread to the rest of your home

Mold Removal in Reno NV Costs

Some mold removal in Nevada charge exorbitant prices. Home owners tend to shy away from getting these services for this reason. Usually, mold removal costs about $1,000 on average. This is the case with visible mold that is relatively new and that hasn’t spread or damaged areas of the home. However, instead of focusing on costs, we equip you on how to identify good mold removal experts such as us. The quotation is an indicator of the job to expect.

Extremely high quotes are often an exaggeration while extremely low ones point to the fact that the removal experts might actually be quacks. Our quotes are fair and commensurate with how extensively the mold has spread in your home.

Making the Best Choice

Choosing us for your mold removal in Reno NV is the best choice. We are:  

  • Highly Trained and Experienced

  Every member of our team has gone through extensive training before certification. Additionally, our company is licensed and insured. All this is necessary to ensure that you get the best services and keep your home free from mold.  

  • Fast Responders

  Our services are provided as soon as you contact us. We don’t give the mold time to spread or grow. We tackle the problem immediately so you can reclaim your home. For professional and reliable mold removal in Reno NV, get in touch with us today.