Greater Nevada Field

Reno’s proud to have a Minor League team that is affiliated with the Arizona Diamondbacks, and their home field – Greater Nevada Field- is beautiful. It can be very hard finding time for fun outside of gambling in this bustling city. However, if you’re looking forward to some fresh air away from all your casino responsibilities, then consider paying them a visit when they come around next year or so.

There are many reasons to visit the Greater Nevada Field, and it’s not just for its location overlooking downtown Reno. The park offers scenic views of surrounding mountains, features a stellar vantage point along the Truckee River, as well as cleanliness that has made recent visitors pleased with their experience at this ballpark.

The Greater Nevada Field is more than just a place to play ball. In the off-season, you can enjoy ice skating from November through February at one of four different rinks set up in front and around it.

When it comes to game day, there is no better place than The Greater Nevada Field. Game tickets vary in price depending on where you choose to sit and the opponent- they have upholstery options for nearly every fan. Also, they don’t have their own parking garage, but 20 downtown lots within walking distance are just a few blocks away, so that won’t be an issue either way.

Reno, Nevada, is home to one of the best minor league baseball teams in all of North America. This makes it a great place for those who love their sports and want some entertainment as well! The Reno Aces play at Greater Nevada Field, which has an official capacity size of 9300 people, but any time there are more than 2 thirds full, they can fit up 4 thousand more with ease due to its state-of-the-art technology used by team managers, so no matter how much you arrive early or get stuck outside looking through windows; everyone will be happy once proceedings start.

Situated at Greater Nevada Field, 250 Evans Avenue Reno, NV 89501, Greater Nevada Field is the home of major regional and national events, including Nitro Circus Live. It can host concerts or private parties year-round with something for everyone – whether it be a game between two rival teams in baseball at Greater Nevada ballpark; to watching racers from all over the planet engage while on any given weekend you’re sure to see people partying together right next door.

The venue’s 365-day schedule includes many fun things like these allurements only possible here, which makes this place truly special.

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