Fleischmann Planetarium

Situated on the Reno area campus of the University of Nevada, Fleischmann Planetarium is an iconic institution that has been providing educational programs and breathtaking astronomical visualizations for several decades.

The Fleischmann Planetarium provides an interactive experience for visitors of all ages. The Star Theater shows educational, informative, and engaging presentations about space to enthralled audiences in their new home at the end of Capistrano Blvd with its large digital screen.

If you’re looking for a hands-on and interactive planetarium experience, then look no further than Fleischmann Planetarium. Visitors can explore various exhibits about Earth that would appeal to all ages from their Star Theater showings of Asteroids-Planets Black Holes or anything relating to outer space.

The doors to Fleischmann Planetarium are open every day of the week for public shows and programs. Public hours vary depending on what’s going on that particular night, but their venue is always active.  They host field trips or reservations during prearranged times 7 days a week.

The Slooh international astronomy program has teamed up with the Fleischmann Planetarium in order to bring us closer than ever before. The two organizations have partnered on a joint venture that will see robotic access granted from both Canarian Islands and Chilean telescopes for those interested, allowing them not just to view but also take control of these world-class machines remotely.

In case you have always wanted to explore space, this is the opportunity for your career. Join them on an educational and adventure journey as they teach children about our solar system. You will be able to point telescopes at 1k+ of the greatest objects in all the universe while earning digital badges that can quickly get them into any program or scholarship they wish (for some inspiration). The membership includes online classes with mentors & guides who are there every step of their way through these challenging yet fun challenges; it’s never too late either because joining now means getting two years’ worth of access which has unlimited opportunities.

You can find free permit parking in the West Stadium Parking Complex, level 3. Park between designated Planetarium signs and get ready for an educational experience with this interactive museum.

Situated at  1664 N Virginia St, Reno, NV 89557, United States, The Fleischmann Planetarium is one of the best-known locations in Reno. It has a Citifare bus line, which connects it with public transportation throughout Sparks and Downtown.

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